Win the USA Diversity visa lottery.

Do you want to become an American resident!
Do you want to win the USA diversity visa lottery !
This video contains positive suggestions designed to engage your conscious and your subconscious mind to completely manifest your desired faster.

Belief,optimism ,consistency are major key to get quick results.

This is just a short version of the original audio.

Headphones are required.

Play at a comfortable volume.

Affirmations included:
Be selected in the USA diversity visa lottery program.
Be approved in the USA diversity visa lottery
Be qualified BTW all members
Get all necessary documents easily .
Be able to get more than enough money for documents,medical examinations ,visa,etc
Be relaxed and confident .
Be able to answer all USA consulate questions the day of your interview.
Get your Green card visa easily and quickly.


Find a quite place to relax ,release all negative thoughts and emotions.
Listen to it as many times as you desires visualizing your desired outcome as if already happened.
Avoid fears ,negativism that may neutralize your results.
Feel confident and optimistic while listening.

Results may vary per individual depending on how fast your subconscious mind will absorb these affirmations.

Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

Track Info : Title : Uplifting Motivational Composer : Ramol
No Copyright Music] Uplifting Motivational Cinematic – Ramol (Original)