Warning – USA CDC Declares Disease Outbreak Unlike Anything Seen Before

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10 thoughts on “Warning – USA CDC Declares Disease Outbreak Unlike Anything Seen Before

  1. I so got all those skills, my family raised me that way people like us are going to be better than gold when SHTF our future is assured

  2. The (3) Cs; cayenne, cumin, and coriander. The most anti-carcinogenic spices on the planet. Use them.

  3. No the CDC is mutating the diseases.

    The CDC and these npo organizations that be playing them starving kids in Africa videos are injecting these nephilum deseases into blacks and poor whites .to kill us off

    It’s population control

    We are gineapig’s to them


    That’s y the FDA killed Dr sebi and any celebrity that draws attention to Dr sebi research.

    He cured every disease on Earth

    He researched ancient forgotten herbs

    Now the truth is spreading and no sane person is going to doctors anymore

    Dr offices are now closing down

    Pay attention people

    Grow Dr sebi herbs urself and don’t tell nobody

  4. I’m good I got garlic 😁

    Garlic cures everything

    Now I just need the other Dr sebi herbs to grow

  5. The CDC has patents on all the superbugs. They will release them at will for the huge depopulation event they have planned.

  6. Tell me about it… I was gifted with MRSA by our local hospital. I am one of the lucky few that keep getting repeated outbreaks. I have had to stay away from everyone for 8 years… no public transportation, no stores… such fun. It just keeps getting better… I have gone through all of the antibiotics and none work any longer. Now they try sulfur drugs. Ya have to love it when the insurance company sends you to the hospital for unnecessary tests and they give you a death sentence. People have no idea how dangerous this is and it is spreading like wildfire here in Florida. Much love from Ma 2.

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