Strange sky seen from the plane over USA | 2019

Strange sky seen over usa so What you think guys about that please below the comment 🔥

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13 thoughts on “Strange sky seen from the plane over USA | 2019

  1. What time of the day was this and what was the direction of travel and what was the date this was filmed ? Thanks.

  2. How long will we endure this attack on humanity? Look at your children’s faces and think of someone poisoning them. It’s truly what’s taking place worldwide. We are a tidal wave if awakened.

  3. wow….very not normal…the plane looks sandwiched between the clouds and a planets atmospere

    1. King Tin how can that be real I love your enthusiasm but it clearly can’t be what your saying it’s

  4. Thank you brother Navgeet
    Yes, as you rightly point out, the sky looking so strange.
    It seems to be a night flight. Sky is illuminated by a comet. Plasma interaction with atmosphere I think
    Stranger still, the object seems to be within the earth atmosphere!

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