Notre Dame Fire Damage Seen By Daylight

A massive fundraising campaign was being launched Tuesday to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral, hours after a huge fire engulfed the iconic 800-year-old house of worship in the French capital.

The Paris Fire Service announced on Twitter that firefighters “came to grips with” the blaze early Tuesday, more than nine hours after they began the effort. It said nearly 400 firefighters had battled the inferno, and two policemen and one firefighter had been slightly injured.

Paris firefighters spokesman Gabriel Plus said “the entire fire is out” and that emergency services were “surveying the movement of the structures and extinguishing smoldering residues,” according to media reports.

Officials said Monday that the blaze could be linked to renovation work — the cathedral was in the midst of a $6.8 million renovation project.

France’s public prosecutor said investigators would visit the Notre Dame site Tuesday to talk to the people who were working on the renovations to try to gather information about what may have caused the fire

“The worst has been avoided, although the battle is not yet totally won,” said French President Emmanuel Macron who rushed to the scene of the blaze Monday. Announcing the fundraising effort, he vowed to reconstruct the church.

“We’ll rebuild this cathedral all together and it’s undoubtedly part of the French destiny and the project we’ll have for the coming years,” said Macron.

Notre Dame Fire Damage Seen By Daylight

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  2. R u serious did u get wut i was tryin 2 say well thats all that matters n quite frankly i read n rite just fine so save ur criticism

  3. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: Revelation 17:6

    1. Yea, an 800 plus year old wood structure that was under restoration burns and there is no way it wasn’t a terrorist action? Suspect much?

  4. I am Buddhist, I am sad when I see the French people sad. Perhaps it has completed its obligations to you, build it like rebuilding France, rebuilding a beautiful Paris, no riot and division. Hope, God will bless you.

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