MUST SEE SNOW at Magic Kingdom Main Street USA 4K Walkthrough Tour | Walt Disney World Orlando 2019

Enjoy some fake(but very real looking) snow on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom in 4K UHD 60fps! This snow is actually soap but it looks so real and absolutely beautiful on Main Street. Sorry about the wind noise in the video. I did not have my wind muffler when I filmed this. Have you seen the snow on Main Street before? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for watching and Subscribe for more 4K WDW Videos! #waltdisneyworld #christmas #magickingdom

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Welcome to 4K WDW! I am a long time Disney World fan and videographer and I have decided to share my talents and love for Disney with all of you! I film only in 4K UHD, to give you all the best possible video quality to make you feel like you are at Walt Disney World! I will film things like full walkthroughs, shorter tours and overviews of the parks and resorts, and much more, all in 4K UHD! Please Subscribe to my channel and press the notification bell to get notified every time I post a new video! Thanks for watching everyone!

21 thoughts on “MUST SEE SNOW at Magic Kingdom Main Street USA 4K Walkthrough Tour | Walt Disney World Orlando 2019

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  2. That MOON really made this extra magical!!πŸŒ’ The most beautiful street in the World, especially at Christmas time.πŸŽ„ Thanks for filming it!! πŸ˜†πŸ‘My HAPPY PLACE!! LOL.🏰

    1. Kendall’s Keep I know right! The moon was awesomeπŸ˜ƒ im glad I caught it in the video because the clouds and rain came shortly after and covered it! Thanks for watching Kendall! 😊

  3. So pretty! It started to rain a little the night of our MVMCP and they didn’t do the snow πŸ™

    1. Elle Mendenhall oh ok nice! I went on the 8th and on Tuesday the 12th! It rained so much that week here, but now it is so dry. The weather here is so crazy haha

    2. Elle Mendenhall yes it rained on both nights that I was there too! The second night I was there the rain was very light so they made it snow for a few minutes, so thats when I filmed this real quick. The rain sucks😩

  4. very cool video, I see enough snow here in Wisconsin, lol, but cool to see in Florida. Looks very festive

  5. Only Disney can make it snow in Central Florida πŸ˜ƒ…it adds a bit of whimsy to holiday time at the resort.

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