Flat earth proof!! Moon Seen from Africa to the USA 09 29 2018

Brought to you by Westcoast Watchman
Directed by Bradley Zarangue and a host of guest speakers from around the world.
Proving that we don’t live on a ball.WE DESTROYED THE GLOBE FOREVER AGAIN!! Witness the globe go straight to HELL with your own eyes! By Kilo, Bradley Zerangue and a host of friends around the flat earth… Moon visible for 9100 miles!

11 thoughts on “Flat earth proof!! Moon Seen from Africa to the USA 09 29 2018

  1. What a crock. You idiots have no concept of a globe. Kentucky to Zimbabwe are less than 180 degrees apart on the globe. Perfectly explained on the globe, you imbeciles.

  2. The Moon can be seen from everywhere on Earth at the same time. The Earth is round and so is the Moon, the Sun, and all the planets in the solar system. There is mountains of evidence that the Earth is round! Why cling to the absurd notion of it being flat?

  3. I was trying to link up with folks like you. I had a midday moon today, 10/01/18. Subscribe on Twitter too @RethinkdeCurve

  4. Zimbabwe to America = ~14,300km
    Equatorial diameter of the Earth = ~20,000km
    Moon Size = ~1,700km
    Distance to the Moon = ~384,000km
    _In space, light travels in a Parallax._

    Therefore the Moon can be seen for 50%+ the surface area of the Earth at any given time. This implies the Moon can be seen for more than 20,000km and I’m not sure about you but I’m pretty sure that 14,300 is less than 20,000. At what point in this video was parallaxes and the equatorial circumference of the Earth taken into account?

  5. Fantastic…just shared on my facebook…Keep up the fantastic work!! Thank Everyone and Bless Everyone.

  6. We did, Australia and America already done. I’m glad WestCoast Watchman came up with this brilliant idea finally!!

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